Why don't we track this?

Shawn Powell

Why don’t we track this?

One of the things we realize as we get older is that there are things we can control and there are things we cannot control.

We cannot control what happens in the stock market, or the real estate market, or the land market or any other market for that matter. But we can control the market which we invest into and how often.

As I was reading last week about all of the TikTok experts giving out financial advice about how great IUL’s are (they’re not), it occurred to me why so many people are drawn to this type of advice.

It’s because people feel behind on what they have saved and invested.

So if I feel behind what I have saved and invested in my life, I’m going to be interested in ways to catch up. It’s human nature.

It’s human nature to desire complex products that make empty promises because I need to catch up for the past decade or two or three that I wasn’t saving as much as I should have. I’m running out of time and I need more than what I have.

So we create products with layers of complexity with fees to pay all the people in between and commissions so high that the people selling them will push them.

How does this story end? I’ll let you be the judge…

But what if there was a better way?

What if you kept track of how many consecutive months you invested into the stock market instead? Regardless of how old you are or how much you have?

For example, if your first job was at 16 years old and today you are 46, that gives you 360 months (30 years) that you could invest a percentage of your paycheck into the market.

Out of those 360 months, how many months have you invested?

How many of those months are consecutive?

Not only are we teaching and training ourselves to save and invest on a monthly basis, but we are also teaching ourselves to live on less each month as well. It is a double benefit.

And if you’ve proven to yourself that you can consistently invest each month a percentage of your paycheck to accumulate wealth and you can be content with living on the rest, then why would we need to search TikTok for financial advice?

Track how many consecutive months you invest and run from IUL’s.

Which level are you on?

Set your intentions. Build a plan. Leave a legacy.