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A letter from our founder:

There’s a question that has bothered me in recent years. 

It’s one of those questions I often ask myself when I begin to think deeply.  It’s one of those questions that has slowly changed the way I view the world.

“Have I ever regretted giving without expecting anything in return?”  

I couldn’t think of a time. 

I asked others. Nobody could give me a time when they gave with no expectation and regretted it. 

And if I’ve never regretted giving, then why am I not doing more of it?

That question is one of the reasons why I left a comfortable job with great people to start a business around an idea.  An idea that has left me no regrets in life after living parts of life with regrets.  

What would my life look like if I was proactive in my giving instead of reactive in my giving? What if I planned it all out?

Could I enjoy life more when I started thinking of others first? 

What if I developed a financial plan to do just those things?

What would happen? 

Hence, 3rd Level Wealth was started with an idea to create financial plans that would change the world around us. 

I invite you to join us and watch your world change too.

Shawn Powell
Owner, Wealth Advisor

Let's make a plan.

Set your intentions. Build a plan. Leave a legacy.