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A letter from our founder:

I have been fortunate to work alongside many great financial advisors in my career. They all have taught me something that I use to this day. When the idea of 3rd Level Wealth came to mind, I felt it was a need in our industry that was not a priority in financial planning.

We have spent a lot of time in our industry building financial plans. We gather information, ask questions, and present information to help people reach the goals they want in their life. This process works well all over the country for both advisors and clients.

What I sensed that was missing was the "3rd Level". I think we as financial advisors work so hard to help people accomplish their retirement goals that we rarely approach the topic of impact outside of this one main transition in their lives.

It occurred to me once we helped people get into retirement, the focus then was on preserving the lifestyle the client was accustomed to living. The assumption always has been that when the client passes on, the estate automatically goes to the children (or immediate family). I wondered if there was more to life than this process.

What changed my perception was children who inherited wealth from their parents. If the assumption is that we build these plans and accumulate wealth our entire life only to be passed on to our children, then what happens when an abundance of money is not in the best interest of our children? What if inheriting money was actually hindering our children?

Hence the idea of 3rd Level was born. The idea is that we plan to take care of you first, which is the first level. Then we plan for the best interest of your children or immediate family next, which is the second level. With those two clear objectives in mind, we plan for the impact you can make on organizations or people that have impacted you during your life, which is the "3rd Level".

And with those three clear objectives always in mind, we can then start and create a plan that changes the world around you.  Both in this life and the next.

Shawn Powell
Owner, Wealth Advisor

Let's make a plan.

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