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Are you on the path to building wealth and giving back?

3rd Level Wealth creates financial plans for clients who desire to build wealth and give back. Services include investment management, insurance planning, tax planning, estate, cash flow and charitable giving.

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Does your financial plan meet your needs?

Does it meet the needs of your family?

How does it impact the community around you?

our belief

The Three Levels of Wealth

Wealth isn't simply having a lot of money.

Wealth is what money allows you to do, and what impact it allows you to make.

1st Level


2nd Level

Your Family

3rd Level

Your Community

Which level are you on?

Set your intentions. Build a plan. Leave a legacy.


Financial planning that prioritizes your life, not just your money.

Financial & Tax Planning

You're only as strong as your foundation. Financial planning is designed to build your financial foundation and address areas from cash flow to debt management to tax planning to preparing for a major purchase.

Planned Giving

A comprehensive giving plan must take into account all aspects of your personal and financial life. We help you with the tax planning to ideally reduce income taxes and eliminate estate taxes.

Life Planning

Financial planning is more than just the numbers. 3rd Level Wealth exists to help manage your money in a way that prioritizes your life and your values, not just investment returns.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is an essential part of financial planning because you can do a great job of managing money throughout your life, but your assets also need a plan in place for after you're gone.

Investment Management

We work with you to understand your goals, your values, and your risk tolerance and build our investment strategy to align with them

Risk Management

We work with you to ensure you're covered with appropriate insurance(s) & an estate plan and will provide recommendations to providers and attorneys when necessary.

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You. Your Family. Your Community.

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